What is the Most Important Subject to Study?

A camp director wears many hats, makes many decisions and there is never enough training.  You wear a CEO hat which only earns you the right to wear every other hat.  As simple as we want camp to be (and it should be) there is a fair amount of complexity to running the organization.  The scope of responsibility is just so big. So the young intern asks and the board who is hiring wonders, “What is the most important subject to study for the camp director?”

When I was an intern, this question was put to the founder of The Wilds, Ken Hay. His answer is still the best advice I’ve heard for this question.  “Of all the disciplines available to study, if you have to choose one, study the Bible”, was his reply.  I believe it more now than I did then. How many decisions could have been better if I had put Bible principles ahead of all my accumulated knowledge?

Living in Amish country and living across the street from a multi-faceted Amish wood working business, it was with curiosity that I picked up a book written recently featuring Amish entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have a 95% success rate.  One of the stated keys to their success is using the Bible as an operating guide.  Getting up early and gleaning the wisdom of scripture is the inspiration for many of these businesses.*

For our ministry success, let’s make sure we give our primary source book plenty of time to teach and train us for godly ministry.

*Success Made Simple; Erik Wesner, Josey-Bass,2010


About the Ordinary Hiker

A Christian camp director for many years, I enjoy ministry and being outdoors. I refer to God's creative wonder as the testimony of creation, a special place where God brings His word to life. Its where I like to be and where God speaks in His gentle voice in the awe of His creative work.
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