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Waiting on God; the Counter-Intuitive Ministry Growth Plan

“On You I wait all day” Psalm 25.5 Waiting. This action is such a difficult concept for our society that it creates a job hazard to local Burger Blitz employee dealing with impatient customers. Another casualty is the Christian ministry … Continue reading

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Cold Little Monster Found on Wrong Path at the Wrong Time

I’ve never seen one of these critters before. It’s somewhat reclusive, coming out only at night in the warmer wet spring mating season. I almost stepped on this Yellow Spotted Salamander on the trail. Finding it on a wet but … Continue reading

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Empire Camp or Kingdom camp – Which are You Seeking?

Reaching biblical ministry outcomes requires setting your own ministry axioms. These are the focused principles that keep you in your ministry track. They keep accomplishing what you set out do to from the beginning, change lives with the gospel of … Continue reading

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