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Passing It On – Any Day with Kids Outdoors is a Good Day

What a wonder to see. City kids in their trash bag rain gear marching through the woods. Destination? Who cares, they are out of the classroom. It’s really raining hard when they join me at the pond. I introduce the … Continue reading

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Real Answers for Camper’s ‘Fundamental Desires’

Is this subtle trap in your bible camp’s staff manual? This is what I came too while advising a camp manual audit. It’s pretty standard stuff. It’s probably taught in any basic psychology class.  As the accepted secular ‘doctrine of … Continue reading

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Unintended E-Sabbatical

I took an unintended internet sabbatical. Stormy weather and rural wireless internet can make for unstable connections. If you live surrounded by Amish there is no real motive to  move a more stable connection your way. And that is the … Continue reading

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