Unintended E-Sabbatical

I took an unintended internet sabbatical. Stormy weather and rural wireless internet can make for unstable connections. If you live surrounded by Amish there is no real motive to  move a more stable connection your way. And that is the case for us. There is good wireless available from the water tower across the hill. But if you live too far down the hill and that hill blocks the signal – well that doesn’t work for us either. Thankfully we can barter a little with a neighbor and pick up a signal from his wireless antenna. In a case of Murphy’s law, his server is scorched by lighting – yep, you get the picture. And when everything is back in place then you have to get all the devices working together again. It took awhile.

But you know, it wasn’t such a bad thing. After close to three weeks without (actually I spent quite a  bit of time on the road picking up my daughter from college and then other travels), I got a lot of other things done. Repairing the back deck, getting caught up on reading, and preparing stories for speaking at camp this summer all had more of my time. I’m lost in the news cycle but I quickly determined it might be better to be lost. Everything of urgency worked itself out without the internet. Do I really want to step back into the online trap? Maybe the imposed sabbatical will teach me some better habits.

It might be a good thing to add a self imposed electronic sabbatical to your life schedule. We’ve been invited to Hilton Head in a few weeks. I think I’m already looking forward to the next e-sabbatical.


About the Ordinary Hiker

A Christian camp director for many years, I enjoy ministry and being outdoors. I refer to God's creative wonder as the testimony of creation, a special place where God brings His word to life. Its where I like to be and where God speaks in His gentle voice in the awe of His creative work.
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