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There is Always Hope!

There is always hope. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could neatly put away trouble with a new year; put last year’s good stuff on the shelf of memories and truly get a fresh start? We wish. We wish for … Continue reading

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Stay Focused with a Yearly Reread of Books on Leadership

Reading is my method of ongoing education and inspiration. In general I’ll focus on three different areas for development: spiritual growth, professional growth and knowledge. Fiction I read to relax.  It also fosters creative thinking and news ways of looking … Continue reading

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Open the Door to Christmas

Open the Christmas door at my house right now and you’ll hear the music of the Christmas story while the gals in the house bake mom’s special recipe Christmas cut outs. The tantalizing smell overwhelms. Holiday lights radiate the warm … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Program Brainstorm

Planning your summer camp program resembles planning for a great date. She’s your gal, glorious and beautiful; anticipation rises as the date gets near and you want everything to be just right. Living for summer camp afflicts the true blue … Continue reading

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Camp Staff Training – Final Tips

Motivated camp staffs want to grow as disciples in Christ. The camp staff training they receive helps them grow and accomplish your mission. Good training simplifies for them what they need to know, or for some, it filters from their … Continue reading

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The Discipleship Process. Designing Camp Staff Training – Part 3

Early in my years as a camp director, my approach to staff training was influenced by a couple of staff comments. The first was by a counselor from a public university. She was extraordinary in her passion – a great … Continue reading

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