Summer Camp Program Brainstorm

Planning your summer camp program resembles planning for a great date. She’s your gal, glorious and beautiful; anticipation rises as the date gets near and you want everything to be just right. Living for summer camp afflicts the true blue camp director. It’s what you live for and you want it to go just right.

With your calendar filling up quickly with promotion, staff recruiting and winter retreats you will soon be in the position of hastily putting together a last minute summer program resembling last years and every other year. Instead of enjoying a romantic sunset at the beach you’ll be facing angry skies and a cold shoulder. Rejuvenate a tired summer program by planning a brainstorming session soon.

A brainstorm session brings all your active players together to contribute freely flowing ideas to plan a new way. Not everyone has expansive creativity. But with ideas freely flowing, an association of ideas will generally produce a great new summer program package. Put some of these tips into action this winter.

  1. A brainstorm session in January or February allows time for new ideas to be put into place.
  2. Bring together a wide range of staff. Ideas will come from all staff levels and perspectives.
  3. Choose a place or create an atmosphere that fosters free thinking. Get out of the office and have a volunteer answer the phone for a few days. Prevent interruptions.
  4. Two to three days should be invested. A week would be great. Immerse yourself into the coming warmth and sunshine of a well planned summer program.
  5. Ideas should flow freely for a day. Each item to plan should be discussed openly. Every thought leads to a potential new way. Write it all down. The seemingly silly idea quickly can incubate the next great activity, or schedule change, or be combined with another random thought and change the program completely.
  6. On the second day begin to sort out the ideas you want to develop. Narrow down the ideas of your new found brainchild.
  7. During this time a lot of coffee, tea and cookies will naturally be desired.
  8. Plan some games to play together to provide the mental breaks needed. They also benefit your team by getting minds to think in different channels creating new imaginations The down time interaction also strengthens your staff team.
  9. The final stage puts your timeline for idea development together. For the brainstorm session to succeed, clear delegation and follow up is a must.

Fall in love with your summer camp program again!


About the Ordinary Hiker

A Christian camp director for many years, I enjoy ministry and being outdoors. I refer to God's creative wonder as the testimony of creation, a special place where God brings His word to life. Its where I like to be and where God speaks in His gentle voice in the awe of His creative work.
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3 Responses to Summer Camp Program Brainstorm

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the good ideas and prompting to get thinks done early!
    See ya down the trail!

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks for the good ideas and reminder to get things done early.
    See ya down the trail!

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