In My Mind’s Eye

I hike with an old and simple digital camera. It’s amazing that I get decent pictures to share at all. In the last few days I’ve had some pretty cool shots come to my eyes. This morning on my daily hike, I came upon wood ducks occupying a vernal spring pond. One pair flew off, the other pair decided to perch on the beech tree above me. Rare luck that is, they usually spook and fly away. A little later I would spy deer bedded down in a well hidden thicket.

I don’t have the images recorded but the best pictures remain in my mind’s eye, indelibly recorded. It seems my mind has a more efficient filling system for memorable images than what I do with the camera. I seem to collect every image, good or bad. I’m sure my mind does too, but it recalls only the best. How is it that I can still see the Grand Canyon from my trip west as a five year old, and Mt. Rushmore too?

My daily hikes leave me with vivid memories too. Watching the early spring courtship of two Pileated Woodpeckers a couple of years ago registers as an in my mind’s eye video classic; an in house living color nature film. Last week I saw hooded Mergansers for the first time. Now it’s permanently etched in my mind’s best of wildlife photo file. First time memories seem to always stand out. But simple memories stand out too. Like my boy’s head sticking out of the hollow log he climbed through on a hike picnic years ago.

The mind God gave us to capture these images is pretty amazing. It’s quite the all in one image machine, focusing, colorizing, storing and retrieving the best. Only for me, not being any kind of artist, there is no reproduction capability. Yep, it’s pretty amazing how fearfully and wonderfully made we are by a loving creator, and how it all functions so well. With my mind eye properly engaged, I guess I’ll always be able to capture and store great pictures.

But you know what, a camera as a functional adult toy would still be a really cool gadget to play with. Somehow those camera pictures will still be tough to compare to my mind’s eye.


About the Ordinary Hiker

A Christian camp director for many years, I enjoy ministry and being outdoors. I refer to God's creative wonder as the testimony of creation, a special place where God brings His word to life. Its where I like to be and where God speaks in His gentle voice in the awe of His creative work.
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