About the Author

The Author:  Bill Roloff

I have spent a life time in Christian camp ministry and church leadership.

My ministry strength is in understanding how programs and their organizations work effectively to meet ministry goals. By identifying ministry drift, I help clear organizational clutter and replace it with renewed life changing ministry focus.

I am trained in Bible from Cedarville University and in Camp Administration from George Williams College. I’ve served over 30 years in eight different camps and conference centers.  Most of my ministry was done at Skyview Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio. While I was there, the Ranch grew from 500 summer campers to over 1400 each summer and the retreat season programs from 1300 to over 6,000 each year by focusing successfully on life changing ministry principles.

I live in the Amish Country of Holmes County Ohio.  This is the world’s largest concentration of Amish in any one spot.  They preserve a lifestyle and countryside as a place for inspiration.

A walk in any natural place is my favorite thing to do. In the woods, by the stream or climbing a good hill, I love a good hike. God speaks through the testimony of His creation. So much of His Word gives tribute to the grace and awe of His natural world. That’s why there’s always some devotional thought coming to mind from one of my regular hiking journeys.

I love camp ministry. It’s a great place for spiritual impact. My heart is with the camp that becomes intimate at the personal level where hearts are touched and lives impacted. Camp should be a place where a God’s personal touch of love is applied from the redeemed soul of a believer to another’s searching soul.

I believe camp is meant to be relational and simple, a place where a God’s clear voice is heard away from life’s diversions. Camps that still have a place for programming in the natural world have a special place in my heart too.  We need places where we can touch God’s natural wonder and put His awe into our hands.

6 Responses to About the Author

  1. I am so thankful for your ministry. If not for you (and God’s hand), I would not have been able to serve at Skyview for two years in high school and two years during/after college. What a wonderful, life changing experience. It’s funny how people use life events as sign posts to their lives: Before Marriage/After Marriage, Before Kids/After Kids, etc. I have Before Skyview/After Skyview to add to my list!
    Thank You!

  2. Really interesting, Bill. We should stay in touch. I’m working to establish a couple of grassroots ministries in and around Ecuador over the next two years and might be able to use your help. Thanks for stopping by my site recently.

    • makingcamp says:

      Will be interested to follow your progress.

    • makingcamp says:

      Hi Steve, The Lord has kept your reply in my mind. I’m wondering what the ministries are that you are working on. -Bill

      • Visiting Ecuador in three weeks, kind of an exploratory mission to see where our resources might best be focused. I’m very open to the possibilities, but particularly drawn to children and how they might have a better way of life. Currently writing a book for the Christian and secular markets that we believe will have some traction and using the proceeds of that, and future works to fund the ministries.

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