Camp Coaching

I am here to help you see with a fresh set of eyes, a fresh set of ears, and to inject fresh thinking into your camp ministry.

  • I have thirty years of Camp ministry success and failure. Most of what I’ve learned comes from the failure.
  • I’m no longer in the camp ministry box. Stepping away has given me an enlightened view of ministry. To you I can offer the bird’s eye view of experience and fresh perspective.
  • My focus is on ministry. For ministry to happen, all camp functions must be in harmony with its program. This is where I can help you, by bringing focus to your organization and helping you get a fresh start.

OFFERING A FRESH START: Ever have the feelings that you do everything but ministry? A fresh outlook from an outside voice is often what is needed to revive a ministry. Ministries often identify themselves by the accumulated clutter of their ideas, programs, traditions and organizational inefficiencies; focused on everything but ministry. I call this ministry drift. My purpose is to give to you an experienced guide providing the necessary tools to bring your organization’s mission back to life. When the focus is right everything is so much easier.

MY BACKGROUND: I have spent a life time in Christian camp ministry and in church leadership.

My ministry strength is in understanding how programs work effectively, and what is required of the organization to work efficiently to meet ministry goals. By identifying ministry drift, my goal is clearing organizational clutter and replacing it with a renewed focus that effectively changes lives.

I was trained in Bible from Cedarville University and in camp Administration from George Williams College. Serving over 30 years in eight different camps and conference centers, I have worn most of the hats a camp staff wears. I grew Skyview Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio from 500 summer campers to over 1400 each summer and a retreat season program from 1300 to over 4,000 each year by focusing successfully on life changing ministry principles.

Fresh Training to guide you to your unique camp ministry

  • Board development
  • Executive mentoring
  • Staff Development
  • Focus retreats for boards and staff
  • Finding the questions that need to be ask
  • Establishing/re-establishing purpose
  • Organizational review and development
  • Interim leadership
  • Speaker/workshop leader

Fresh Approaches

  • For putting ministry first
  • For focusing on Biblical sufficiency in ministry
  • To define the outcomes that drive your ministry
  • To define ministry that changes hearts
  • To remove ministry clutter
  • For bringing ministry purpose and organization together

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