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Ten Reasons to Keep Storytelling Alive in Camp Ministry

The apex of camp ministry is to establish a relationship. At the core of transforming relationship is the ability to share a story. To know someone is to know their story. This is why the ability to connect with a … Continue reading

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Camp Ministry: A Natural Place for Storytelling

Facts are just facts, and facts we all know are boring. But we all relate to stories. Stories make up who we are and want to be. We relate to them because of the connections we make. Last summer I … Continue reading

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A Campfire Bear Story: Barking Up the Wrong Tree? Or Just Waiting for the Director?

Here is a leadership campfire story for you.  Grab your roasting stick, coffee is on, let’s enjoy our time! Davey Crockett was a mountain man, politician, and leader.  His plain spun speech and folksy wit made him an outspoken but … Continue reading

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