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Keys for a Successful Summer Camp Ministry Heart

I found this in old staff training notes. It makes a good barometer for heart preparedness to start staff training, and a good evaluation of commitment at the end of training. During the summer it makes for a good follow … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from a Pioneer Farmstead

Just off the trail of my backyard hike at The Wilderness Center just outside Wilmot Ohio, I can stop by an ancient spring and reflect by its emergent flow. There’s a historic marker here for the Kilgore farmstead, deeded by … Continue reading

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All I Ever Needed to Know to be a Camp Counselor, I learned in I Corinthians 13

Staff training is so close. Intense discipleship training is on the horizon. What will you teach? Observation and experience tell me that a lot of staff will be taught learning styles, social styles and leadership styles along with a lot … Continue reading

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Stalking God

An outdoorsman wanting to see wildlife becomes a stalker – very still and silent. Blending into his natural environment, he desires to make himself a forgotten presence, no longer noticed by the life surrounding him, so that he can see … Continue reading

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Waiting on God

I finally enjoyed a couple of days hiking in the snow. Each season endows us with its own beauty, for which I intend to enjoy each moment of God’s created Glory. Thought and decisions in the making rummaged through my … Continue reading

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Real Answers for Camper’s ‘Fundamental Desires’

Is this subtle trap in your bible camp’s staff manual? This is what I came too while advising a camp manual audit. It’s pretty standard stuff. It’s probably taught in any basic psychology class.  As the accepted secular ‘doctrine of … Continue reading

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A Convergence of Quotes for Lean Times

These are the lean days in our camp operations. Economic times are tough and stagnant churches certainly to not help our inner angst. Here is some encouragement from a few quotes that have converged into my meditations in recent days. … Continue reading

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