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The Power of Camp

Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) has launched a social media campaign to promote the power of camp for life changing impact in a child’s life. Supporting this campaign, I encourage you to visit: http://www.facebook.com/thepowerofcamp I would also like to … Continue reading

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The Discipleship Process. Designing Camp Staff Training – Part 3

Early in my years as a camp director, my approach to staff training was influenced by a couple of staff comments. The first was by a counselor from a public university. She was extraordinary in her passion – a great … Continue reading

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Disciple Defined, Designing Camp Staff Training – Part 2

Listening in on a camp staff meeting conducted by a former associate now a director of his own program; I began to recognize familiar phrases and statements. They were lines I issued many times to my own staff. Those expectations … Continue reading

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Meeting the Summer Camp Speaker Challenge – Part 2

I always wanted speakers to M & M, mix and mingle, with campers. It’s important that the speaker be able to relate to and connect with campers. Looking back, I think I had a program to busy for speakers to … Continue reading

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Meeting the Summer Camp Speaker Challenge – Part 1

Most evangelical youth camps have a camp speaker, God’s messenger for the week. The last two summers, I’ve had the opportunity to be that speaker. Now I’ve been on both sides of the campfire in this vital role in Christian … Continue reading

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It’s a Ministry – Not a Job

This is the first memorable slogan regarding camp ministry that I remember hanging onto, “It’s a ministry – not a job.” When you’re staff swabbing toilets and washing endless dishes it’s hard to remember why you’re at camp. With less … Continue reading

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Passing It On – Any Day with Kids Outdoors is a Good Day

What a wonder to see. City kids in their trash bag rain gear marching through the woods. Destination? Who cares, they are out of the classroom. It’s really raining hard when they join me at the pond. I introduce the … Continue reading

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