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All I Ever Needed to Know to be a Camp Counselor, I learned in I Corinthians 13

Staff training is so close. Intense discipleship training is on the horizon. What will you teach? Observation and experience tell me that a lot of staff will be taught learning styles, social styles and leadership styles along with a lot … Continue reading

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The Power of Camp

Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA) has launched a social media campaign to promote the power of camp for life changing impact in a child’s life. Supporting this campaign, I encourage you to visit: http://www.facebook.com/thepowerofcamp I would also like to … Continue reading

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There is Always Hope!

There is always hope. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could neatly put away trouble with a new year; put last year’s good stuff on the shelf of memories and truly get a fresh start? We wish. We wish for … Continue reading

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Passing It On – Any Day with Kids Outdoors is a Good Day

What a wonder to see. City kids in their trash bag rain gear marching through the woods. Destination? Who cares, they are out of the classroom. It’s really raining hard when they join me at the pond. I introduce the … Continue reading

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Real Answers for Camper’s ‘Fundamental Desires’

Is this subtle trap in your bible camp’s staff manual? This is what I came too while advising a camp manual audit. It’s pretty standard stuff. It’s probably taught in any basic psychology class.  As the accepted secular ‘doctrine of … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Keep Storytelling Alive in Camp Ministry

The apex of camp ministry is to establish a relationship. At the core of transforming relationship is the ability to share a story. To know someone is to know their story. This is why the ability to connect with a … Continue reading

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Holding Hope in Their Hands

What happens when they go home? This question was gnawing at my mind. I was being given the opportunity to minister to mostly underprivileged kids. Before meeting one of them I was troubled by the thought that after hearing the … Continue reading

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