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All I Ever Needed to Know to be a Camp Counselor, I learned in I Corinthians 13

Staff training is so close. Intense discipleship training is on the horizon. What will you teach? Observation and experience tell me that a lot of staff will be taught learning styles, social styles and leadership styles along with a lot … Continue reading

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Mission Success or Ministry Failure

Author and speaker Warren Wiersbe gives us a good reminder that in ministry today we often judge our success by business growth standards, manufacturing mentality and market success. All of these successes can mask or be rationalized as great victories. … Continue reading

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Stay Focused with a Yearly Reread of Books on Leadership

Reading is my method of ongoing education and inspiration. In general I’ll focus on three different areas for development: spiritual growth, professional growth and knowledge. Fiction I read to relax.  It also fosters creative thinking and news ways of looking … Continue reading

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Hope and a Prayer or Planned Impact?

“We’ll know when we get there.” This was the answer to a question I posed to an entrepreneurial ministry leader getting his latest project off the ground. I really wanted to be supportive, but I needed to know where his … Continue reading

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Ambition Check: Is My Ambition to Serve Others?

In his classic book Spiritual Leadership*, J. Oswald Sanders begins by questioning the leaders heart by posing this question, “Should it not be the office that seeks the man, rather than the man that seeks the office?” The question comes … Continue reading

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Waiting on God; the Counter-Intuitive Ministry Growth Plan

“On You I wait all day” Psalm 25.5 Waiting. This action is such a difficult concept for our society that it creates a job hazard to local Burger Blitz employee dealing with impatient customers. Another casualty is the Christian ministry … Continue reading

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Empire Camp or Kingdom camp – Which are You Seeking?

Reaching biblical ministry outcomes requires setting your own ministry axioms. These are the focused principles that keep you in your ministry track. They keep accomplishing what you set out do to from the beginning, change lives with the gospel of … Continue reading

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